Battery Breaking Plant

Product Description

The eco-friendly Battery Breaking Plant manufactured by Mettherm is capable of breaking old scrap battery 5MT / Hr, separating the components in the most efficient way and obtaining high quality products.

The plant is conceived of compact design and facilitates easy operation, easy installation, civil work is minimized. The pre fabricated plant parts are easy to transport and shorten the erection time thus minimizing the cost. All parts are made of either mild steel and stainless steel which further guarantees long life, good performance and low maintenance cost.


The plant is designed for treatment of mixed batteries. Scrap batteries are fed to a hammer mill in which the material is grounded to a size of 50-80 mm suitable for good separation of components.
The crushed material is sprayed with hydrated lime water to neutralize the acid. The mixed materials is classified by a wet screen which separates the solid parts from the lead paste (lead sulphates and lead oxides) in a stream of recirculated water.

During screening only a small amount of metallic part of lead passes into paste slurry. Oversize grids, poles and other plastic parts are conveyed to two Hydro separators.
The solid parts are separated as follows :
** Separation of polypropylene from the upper part of the separator .
** Collection of metallic lead like grid, poles, connectors by means of a bottom screw conveyor.
** Separation of heavy plastics by another screw conveyor.

The paste slurry and sprayed water is collected in filtrate collection tank treated with lime water spray to neutralize the acid in compliance with simplified chemical reaction :
H2So4 +Ca (OH)2 = CaSo4 + @H2O
Calcium sulphate produced during neutralization process is pumped through slurry pump along with paste slurry to a filter press which separates paste and water. Paste is collected and sent for smelting purpose to recover lead whereas water is recirculated in the process.
All these products conveyed to the relevant collection boxes for further process thus does not generate any solid waste. All water used in the plant is continuously recycled so that the plant does not release any liquid effluent.

  • Characteristics:

    • Capacity: 100 ton to 1000 ton
    • Manufacturing: India