Lead Rotary Furnace

Product Description

Lead-acid batteries are one of the top most highly recycled consumer product. The lead-acid battery gains its environmental edge from its closed-loop life cycle. The typical new lead-acid battery contains 60 to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic.

When a spent battery is collected, it is sent to a permitted recycler where, under strict environmental regulations, the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to a new battery manufacturer. The recycling cycle goes on indefinitely. We at Mettherm, provide complete turnkey solution for Lead Recycling for extraction of this lead in usable form.

Recycling a spent lead-acid battery involves the following steps: The battery is broken apart in a hammermill, a machine that hammers the battery into pieces. The broken battery pieces go into a vat, where the lead and heavy materials fall to the bottom while the plastic rises to the top. At this point, the polypropylene pieces are scooped away and the liquids are drawn off, leaving the lead and heavy metals. Each of the materials goes into a different “stream.

  • Characteristics:

    • Capacity: 100 ton to 1000 ton
    • Manufacturing: India